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All pickups look great and show no wear or minimal wear

Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Neck RED
Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck (JB) SH-4 GREEN
Seymour Duncan Custom SH-5 GREEN
Seymour Duncan 59 Neck PURPLE ($25 it's got a chip on the edge of a pole piece and looks used)

Dimarzio Steve's Special DP161 F-spaced RED
Dimarzio Air Norton DP193 (virgin) GREEN
Dimarzio Tone Zone DP155 (virgin) GREEN
Dimarzio Evolution DP159 F-spaced PURPLE
Dimarzio X2N DP102 F-spaced YELLOW

$52 shipped each

Dimarzio Evolution DP159 F-spaced CHROME TOPS (short leads) $90
Dimarzio Breed DP 165 CHROME TOPS $75
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