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Unexpected gear purchase leaves me to put some great pedals up for sale.
Paypal accepted, no extra fee, prices include shipping in the ConUS. Will only ship within the ConUS.
TONS of references here, HCEF, ****, etc.
Highly doubt any trades at this time but it doesn't hurt to ask.
Email me at [email protected] as well as responding to this thread for first come/first serve priority.
Pics available upon request, though all pedals are mint unless otherwise specified.

Clark Gainster (new version) - $120.00 - one page manual got pretty crinkled during shipping, mojo tone in these

Hermida Mosferatu - $110.00 - three knob, standard white mini enclosure, great darkish sustain for days pedal

RGW Dirty Dan - $140.00 - #1 of only a handful, "inspired" by a red llama, though I've never played one. Very cool amplike pedal.

RGW Pistol Pete - $140.00 - #18 of I believe #18 - TS808-ish, wide range in the TONE knob and lots of gain on tap, a couple very slight paint chips

RGW Bad Bob - $90.00 - great LOUD booster that can add a little grit

PedalworX NeoDrive - $80.00 - #14, modified BigBottom Mod from Bob, killer high gain tones!

J. Everman Fuzz Drive 2 - $150.00 - amazing blend of fuzz and drain on tap, as well as BIAS and GAIN knobs and internal trimmers, added LED when made

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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