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G-Flex vs. THD

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Ok I saw someone talk about this and thought I'd bring it to the top. Does anyone have either or both? I've been comparing the two, both sound like they're great cabs. I like the 45 lbs. of the THD, but I can't find anything about it's impedance, I'm hoping it's 16ohms otherwise I'm SOL. In which case I'd get the GB which is 4/16. And also 63 lbs., but with a better carry handle then the THD, lol. Anyway, weight and such aside, how do they stack up against each other?
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I don't have both, but I do have a G-Flex. It's a good cabinet but, as you said, bigger that most 2-12s. I have the old style with the side handles, it also has big casters on it, but the new style handles are much better and make it easier to carry. The GB speakers are V30 copies and the ports let it move alot of air although with some amps it can sound kinda boxy, don't know how else to describe it. It sounds great with my current setup though. The "boxy-ness" may be a function of the speakers as much or more than the cabinet, V30s are very midrangy. If you want a 2-12 that can keep up with 4-12s but is alot easier to move, it's hard to go wrong with the G-Flex. Maybe someone else can comment on the THD.

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