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Hey everyone, i've got a couple more guitars to offload due to the limited space in my apartment. These babies are well taken care of in a smoke free apartment and work beautifully.

1) G&L Legacy in fullerton red. Probably the best strat i've ever owned and if you do your homework you'll find that these are better made and sounding strats compared to fender. Has a brilliant birds eye maple neck. Guitar is in very good condition, has a tiny ding shown in the picture. Comes with it's G&L hardcase. Going for $750.

2) Line6 Variax 300. Comes with it's power adapter and foot switch. Has a few buckle rashes on the back. Front of the guitar is immaculate. Great action and a perfect swiss army knife of guitar tones at your fingertips! $350

3) Godin Multiac ACS slim. Awesome tones and Midi capable. guitar has great action and is so easy to play. Nothing beats the tone from nylon strings, comes with it's official Godin gig bag. Has a very tiny ding on the headstock but other than that, the guitar is MINT. $700

Please add $50 on top of the price for shipping, payment will be via paypal. I will ensure the guitars are well packed for the journey to you. Have recently sold an Ibanez JPM P4 to forumer Lindros and had a smooth sale.

Thanks for looking!
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