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i am cleaning out the proverbial closet.
Rivera TBR2-SL 900.00
the Rivera TBR is a two channel rack mounted stereo head with 160w a side of LOUD good shape and LOUD. hoping to sell that one to someone local as it is extremely heavy.

Peavey Vandenberg 500.00
Peavey vandenberg is in excellent shape. rock-it pink with dimarzio evolution in the bridge, and a dimarzio fast track 2 in the neck. has original case. made in the USA low serial number.

Peavey Rockmaster 150.00
Peavey rockmaster is in excellent shape, recently reconditioned and re-tubed.

Rocktron Expression 150.00
Rocktron expression is in excellent shape. cosmetically a couple of scratches on face. great effects processor

Behringer MDX2200 50.00
behringer is a two channel compressor-limiter in near new shape.

BC Rich warlock body in transparent red 50.00
BC rich warlock body is in good shape. points are a little chipped, in transparent red stain (factory finish) real wood.(alder?) and the trem posts are still in it.

Rivera FS-6 footswitch 50.00
Rivera FS-6 foot switch is in good shape, bought it to go with the TBR, wrong foot switch.lol

Dimarzio blaze 7-string pickup 30.00
Dimarzio blaze is in good shape, short lead.

prices are in USD and shipping is extra. local is welcome as well. paypal only. unless local, then cash is king! p.m. me for pics
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