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Item for sale: Gibson Explorer and Carvin/Fender USA projects

Description & Condition: 1994 Gibson Explorer project. When I got it, good old UPS snapped the neck at the body joint. Luckily it was a very clean snap. This has a maple neck with an alder body. The neck was clamped and reglued and is twice as strong as it was before. Project includes body/neck, gold tuning keys, gold Gibson Vibrola/trem, 3 way switch and pots. I started to strip the back, but put the project aside. This will need to be at least stripped, if not refinished, but I did string her up and played her minus pickups. Like I said, the neck is on tight and strong. Comes with the original Gibson HSC. $350 shipped.

Fender USA Strat Plus body with Carvin bolt neck. Includes USA body, USA 2 point trem, Carvin neck with ebony board and Fender USA tuning keys, neckplate and screws. There are no electronics or pickguard, but you can pick on up for under $30 on the bay. The neck is perfect, the body is 95% stripped. It has decent grain if you want to go for the "Nuno" look, otherwise a great refin candidate. Will let it go for $225 shipped.

Asking Price: $350 for Gibson and $225 for Carvin/Fender
My Location:

Terms of Sale/Purchase: Paypal or MO

Other Information: Pictures of both projects are here:


Thanx - Pete
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