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Well we already played a couple weeks back. 5 bands competed on the night. We played terribly! I could not believe how bad it was!

The drum kit and amps were supplied for the night and the kit was a completely different set up to our drummers one. In complicated or fast sections of songs he was completely thrown off as things weren't where he was used to them being. This then put him out of time.

Our bass player was having difficulties because they had him turned down too low (no bass player jokes please, we've already exhausted them) and in an effort to get some volume played harder. He ended up cramping his picking arm!

On top of that I was worrying too much about the other 2 guys and played really sloppy and killed my voice too early on as I wasn't concentrating on my vocal technique.

People still said we were pretty good though, but needless to say we didn't win. :(
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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