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Hello Jemsite,

With the success of my first FrankenRG guitar, in the thread here:
Obviously I want to do another. This time I will remove all the thick poly sealer and put on a figured maple top. Other specs I'm thinking include HSS, wilkinson trem, locking tuners, graphtech nut, ghost piezo system. I've found that my style doesn't really warrant the double locking system (though the stability is really cool).

Anyways, my question is concerning what warmoth calls a pinstripe. LMI sells this 'wood/fibre' based veneer, and I'm wondering if anyone has used these before, and can recommend a glue to use on the top/veneer/body sandwich. I'm also wondering what the process or order of operations should be when bending the top over the arm contour.

Warmoth's example:

I think it looks excellent.


1) What glue to use for this wood/fibre veneer product? Wood glue? Titebond?

2) Order of operations for bending the sandwich over the arm contour. I was thinking about gluing the veneer to the top wood, then cutting the top to shape and bending it over the arm contour, but that would require that the glue line between the top and veneer was flexible. I'll be using Andyts method of gluing the top minus the arm contour, wetting the edge with water and heat, then using a clamp to slowly bend the top. I'd love to hear suggestions!

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