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good begginer setup ?

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i was wonderin if any of you any advice on getting a soild recording set up. I would like it to be some what high quality, but price is a limiting factor . I got about 350 to kick around.

What do you guys record with . I have a 10$ recording program and a 15$ mic, i am not to happy with it. Is there any reasonable computer program or setup i could get, and also i looked at it a sound card input/upgrade would more than likey be needed, i only have 1 1/8 inch jack that goes into my computer.

I am new with recording software and such, i can mod my computer no problem, if needed(so it could handle mics and other inputs). So any advice would be great. I just dont know where to start or what would yeild better results.

Oh and also i could use a bass and drum machine, but for now i can hold out if it is for the better quality.
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All I use to record is Acid Pro and a direct connection from my amp to my sound card via line in. This, IMO, is a beginners setup and works fine if you just have a guitar or a bass and that's it. If you want to stay cheap, then definitely stick with computer mods and maybe find a computer program that can make drum beats and such. It'll be cheaper than buying an actual drum machine and you won't have to worry about mics.
well i tried a direct connect from my guitar to the computer, and it sounded horrible. The mic i have sucks and gets distorted with too much bass. I can't record with it at any higher volume, no matter the distance it is away.

Any suggestions for a good mic?
check out some shure mics, they make some nice ones, also they have lower end models but there great for the cost, you'll need a audio interface tho...
Large Single-Diaphragm Microphone
20Hz to 20kHz

Suggested Applications:

Studio Vocals
Ensemble Vocals
Live Recording
Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Bass
Guitar/Bass Amps

Haven't used it, but have seen great reviews on it. It's a Shure mic; here's there website: http://www.shure.com/microphones/models/ksm27.asp
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i think i am going to stick to the "work horse mic" the shure sm-57. From everything i've looked at it is the industry standard.

ok so this is what i have so far that i am thinking about.

cakewalk home studio version 2, with a free upgrade
the shure sm-57
Tascam US122 USB Audio and MIDI I/O (Mac / Win)

i am not completly sold on the tascam, but it looks like it may work. Are there any other reasonable suggestions?

i can't thank you guys enough for helping me out.
if you do go the USB route make the device you get is usb 2.0 and the usb ports in your computer are 2.0 as well, the slower ones often will kill the quality with latency or other noise issues. I prefer to just get a good recording sound card on my PCI to help eliminate problems like that.
i also have a firewire connection and i looked at the interfaces that where firewire and they didn't offer what i needed for the priced i need to stay under.

the sound cards are pertty much the same thing. i can't get what i need for the price i need.
what kind of inputs and outputs do u need? I thought you just wanted pretty much starter setup with a couple inputs for guitars? What kind of price are you trying to stay under for your interface?
I think Glen (Jemsite owner) would be pretty pissed to see people soliciting the transfer of illegally obtained software, don't you think?
I haven't followed this thread until i read the above post, but please be aware that pirating, illegal sharing, etc. of software/media is against the rules here and puts your forum account in jeopardy :)

Thanks in advance for editing posts and/or refraining for such discussion... glen
On the subject of free software :D, Audacity is a good waveform editor:


Krystal Audio Engine is a free multitracker with VST and ASIO support

well i found the riff tracker and bought magix studio deluxe .

this is the demo video for the riff tracker, it looks extermly promising. I belive it is what i am looking for . It offers not only an interface but, models from the pod xt , drum beats and you can save you recorded stuff to wav or mp3 so you can open in other programs and deep edit .


As for the magix program, it did everything the cakewalk program did but it also had some other features , it also includes bass and drum tracks.

as far as recording "live" from my physical amp, i can just use a mic and a mic to 1/4 cable to run into the riff tracker.

so i think this is what i am going for.
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