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Hey guys! I wuz just doin' a Google search on Custom Multicolor Swirls tonight, and I found out that swirl guru Herc Fede is finally back in biz(And judging by the fact that About Time Designs is either kaput or at the very least , their Website's down & has been for quite some time now, it's well, for lack of a better term, About Time! :p )!!! Herc's new Website's located at http://fededesigns.com/home.html . Too bad I'm too poor to afford one of them swirl jobs or I'd get one (But then again, I'm kinda wary of havin' to send one of my babies off on account of all three of my guitars're extremely rare! They consist of my modified Ibanez USA Custom "Iceworld" guitar, my most recent accquisition, which is a 1989 Kramer Pro Axe Standard (Currently awaiting it's turn in line to be suped up & modified to my specs down at my local luthier, Billy Gallant's repair shop at Highland Music here in Birmingham, Alabama), and a red flametop, George Lynch-signed ESP LTD H-202 archtop which I won during a live chat w/ him in October, 2003 on guitar-guitar.com . There's a somewhat long, funny story behind how I won that, but let's just say that Divine Intervention was involved (Something which has happened to me twice now, w/ the second time being when I prayed & asked God to let me win something at our now-local Guitar Center's Grand Opening back in April of last year. You're not gonna believe this, but no sooner had I prayed, & then they drew for the last round of prizes, & I ended up winning a 27" color TV. Needless to say, I eventually & finally managed to sell it off late last year to the brother of a guy who was painting my folks' house. But getting back to guitar stuff, I subsequently ended up using the money to pay off the Kramer which had been sitting down at Highland Music for a lil' over a year 1/2 to 2 years. (Sigh) God's been good to me & I am Truly Thankful & Blessed. Amen! :) Anyway, I've gotten waaaay off topic, but I digress. At any rate, just thought I'd share that lil' story wid ya's & it really is good to finally see Herc back in bizness, don'tcha agree? Laters!


Van Miller

Birmingham, Alabama

P.S.: Okay, I'll tell ya what happened w/ me winnin' the ESP LTD H-202: As it wuz gettin' towards the end of the chat back then, I typed in, "PLEASE GOD!!! LET ME WIN!!!" Needless to say, everyone laughed. But God must've been lookin' over my shoulder that day, 'cause no sooner had I typed that, then once they finished laughing from my comment, they started drawin' for prizes, AND I WON!!! I was shocked!!! Well, I wasn't gonna pass up a good opportunity, so I asked George to sign it for me, and as they say, the rest is history! Woohoo! :) I received it a week later (I was still living w/ my folks at the time) and eventually got a case & a strap for it that Christmas. Just need to get the pickups changed out, the 5-way Strat-style selector switch replaced w/ a three-way Strat-style selector switch, & have it rewired so that the volume nearest the lead pickup will be for that pickup, & replace the current tone control w/ a volume for the neck pickup, but you get the idea. (Sigh! Whew!) Man, I sure hope that I haven't gotten so off-topic that this here post gets removed, 'cause as you can tell, I ain't quite exactly stuck to the subject of Jems & Universes only. Oh well, all I can do is try. Well, that's all for now. Interestin' story, huh? Lemme know what'cha think! Keep the faith & Peace!
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