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So after getting tired of my Line6 POD I bought a Mesa Studio amp off you know what site, and when it finally arrived via Fedex, I opened it up, and cringed when I saw glass at the bottom of the cabinet. An el84 and two 12ax7as got smashed, presumably during shipping. The seller was a certain online used instrument site, I don't know what the jemsite policy is on naming them, but they were an intermediary for the actual seller. I filed a Damaged Shipment claim but was told that Fedex does not cover vacuum tubes and amps should be shipped with the tubes removed and packaged seperately. So I filed a complaint against the seller because the amp was packaged improperly and asked to be reimbursed for two 12ax7 and a pair of el84 (since the repair shop told me they need to be purchased in pairs). From the intermediary's website, it looks like the seller has refused to pay for those.

This really ticks me off. The shipping was $70 for a 30lb amp, including $10 insurance. I've sent 70lb packages for about the same price through USPS. So I paid more for shipping than usual and also got useless insurance to go with it.

I went ahead and bought the tubes last night (electro harmonix EL84s and Sovtek and Groove Tubes 12ax7s). The amp sounds great. On the website of the 'intermediary' seller it says that I'm supposed to return the amp to the actual seller, but I received an email this afternoon from a rep asking whether that's what I want to do.

I've sold stuff on said auction site before. I had one item arrive damaged and I paid to have it repaired. It's just the professional thing to do.

What do you guys recommend?
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