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i had a cab get smashed by fedex. It was shipped from colorado springs went to denver to dallas to my town, was damaged went back to dallas went to denver back to dallas to colorado springs back to dallas and finally to denver were it was DISCARDED . THey didn't even deliver the damaged cab back to the seller. He filed a claim for the cab at the price it would have cost to replace it 400$ they denided the claim, they didn't deliver the cab back to the shipper therefore it should be thier responsibility to be liable for any and all costs of that cab. HOW the hell do you mess up a 4x12 cab so bad you just toss it in the dumpster?

Fedex sucks dont use them ever, they are cheap but there is a reason they are cheap. I have had fair luck with United Package Smashers but usps is the best way to go.

i know kind of how you feel. those dirty fedex rat bastards
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