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got a UV777BK

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been a long time since i posted here, but i recently bought a universe at guitar center, its a 99 model, used of course, but in immaculate shape, besides the pick guard being broken. gonna replace it with a diamond plate pick guard methinks... but heres the best part... i picked it up for a whopping 599! it sounds perfect, plays perfectly, the action is low, there is 0 fretwear whatsoever, its just immaculate... but unfortunately, due to washington state law, guitar center is considered a pawn shop because they buy used gear, so the guitar has to stay in the store for 30 days in case it turns out to be a stolen guitar... stupid law, but i can understand why its there... so i can't bring it home till december 17th... but i do have visitionation rights hahaha, which i exercised today, to play it, take pics of it, and to set it up with a new set of strings... so heres the pics

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Congrats. And it's a steal at the price you bought. :D
Kamikaze_1 said:
Congrats. And it's a steal at the price you bought. :D
i couldn't say no lol
holy sh*t i just checked the price on musicians friend.com, i didn't think they were that expensive hahaha, i really did get a steal! and mine has locking tremelo studs and a 1 piece neck
Wow, good score!

Visitation rights, lol! :)
Im surprised that GC sold it for that cheap. Awsome deal man, I got one in Sept. and play it about 3 hrs everyday, best guitar I have ever bought imo.
Is the guy that sold it to you still there? ha ha. Congrats, great deal but too bad for the wait but worth it.
Congrats! ;) Hey, I used to live in Bremerton back in 1985 when my father was stationed at Puget Sound. I liked Washington. :)
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