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I have an almost brand new Engl E530 preamp. Out of the box its Images & Words! I also have a footswitch that wasnt included with the E530.

If someone makes me a good offer I may sell, as I dont use it. I havent fired it up in at least 4 months. Its only 5 months old!!!Norack rash at all!!!

from the Engl website:

4 channels, (2 x ECC 83), Clean, Lead, Crunch and Heavy Lead via Gain Lo/Hi switch, Bright switch in main channel 1, Contour switch in main channel 2, Preamp Defeat switch, Stereo FX loop;
Per main channel:
3-band EQ (Lead: 4-band), Gain and Volume controls;
Power amp:
2 x 1,5 watts (solid state);
Stereo Line Out and frequency compensated Stereo Line Out with level control; Stereo headphones/speaker 4-16 ohms, 2 x dual footswitch jacks;
Dimension & weight:
48 x 4,4 x 26 cm, 4 kg;

$525.00 for both the preamp & the footswitch


Beheringer DSP 8024 31band graphic/parametric eq. great conditoion no rack rash. needs new battery clip for memmory. but still works fine. 2 rack space.

Mosvalve power amp minor rack rash. works perfect! 500 total watts. 250 per channel.

Crate VTX 212 perfect condition. Still has original store tags on it!!!!

Email questions and if you want to buy any of these items @ [email protected]
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