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Once i tried that way and it worked; find a proper way for the inlay color base. It can be some kind of plastic or paper, or even a piece cloth, anyway. In your situation you have to match the color with the rest of the inlays so that will be tricky. Thereafter you must try the suitability/compatibility of the paper and the acrylic (or what else, in my situation i used polyester) filling resin. Some plastics and papers somehow reacts with the resin and they shrunk. Some of the lost their colors and they faded. But at last i could find a bright colored paper which did not perished after polyester filling. So if you have proper bright colored paper, cut it off in the shape of the inlay cavity, put it in and fill polyester resin in it. Sometimes the paper moves when filling, so you must be careful. When it is cured sanding, sanding and fine sanding and taa daaa, you'll have same kind of inlay with 3D effect.

Ooor, you can try something like this;

How To Do 3D Pyramid Inlays - Inlay and Binding - ProjectGuitar.com
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