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Guitar Cases For Head Cases
Written by Guitarnoize

That is the strap-line that adorns the oddly named company Postal Monkey. These guys have decided that guitar cases don't necessarily need to be just boring plain black hardened plastic or leather, I'm generalising of course, 2 of my flight cases are embossed and I think look very classy just the way they are! But say you have your guitar currently sitting in a boring case or gig bag maybe you should spice things up with something that reflects what is sitting inside?

Their weathered Union Jack case would be perfect for Noel Gallagher for instance and Joe Perry has a signature Leopard print fur case which I assume makes him look like some sort of guitar wielding pimp!?

George Lynch also has a couple of signature models including the very cool Kamikaze case. No prizes for guessing which guitar goes in that one!

There are quite a few to choose from whether you prefer a patterned case, film poster style or checkered and they start at $149. If you are a Les Paul player however your choices are very limited, the only case being the Joe Perry furry pimp case and you wouldn't catch me putting a Les Paul in that!

Check out Postal Monkey for more info and to find your nearest dealer.

Jon is the creator of Guitar Noize, a blog devoted to guitar news from the farthest corners of the Interweb.
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