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So I went to try out some guitars over there. I asked them whether they had any guitar at around below RM 3000. They gave me an LTD F-model. It sounded okay, but I've tried loads of other guitars in the price range (including the PRS SE models) that were miles better. I asked an assistant what model was it. He told me it was an F-250. What?! An F-250 at RM 2500? You gotta be kidding me. At least with an included case, it would justify the price. But no case was included :lol:. An M-II over there costs RM 7800 w/ case. Still VERY overpiced.

So a week later, I went to The Guitar Store. Over there I saw a Custom Shop ESP Eclipse Hollowbody at RM7200!! I gave a small chuckle. A standard production ESP (the cheapest of the line, mind you) at RM7800 and a Custom Shop ESP Eclipse Hollowbody (custom ordered, mind you) at RM7200. Hahahaha :D.

I know this is a stupid story, but I thought some of you would like to have a little laugh :D.
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