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Hi all

I've got several BRAND NEW 3 metre guitar leads with Neutrik connectors at each end and Van Damme Instrument Cable in the middle! These are great quality industry standard leads that will last for years and years!

£10 each or 4 for £30. Postage can be discussed before sale.

I live near Norwich, in the UK.

I've also got a few speaker leads, some balanced and unbalanced signal leads with XLRs, phonos, etc. PM me if there is something you are after and I'll see what I have got, or what I can make up with the connectors I have left.

I've recently been kitting out my studio with a lot of outboard equipment (and a few patchbays!!!) which is why I now have leads surplus to my requirements.

I've got lots of more expensive gear I'm hoping to post on here, but thought it would be a good idea to sell some stuff that's not worth too much - so that I can gain seller's kudos and trust around here. In the meantime, I've got 100% on **** from 32 transactions.

This is my first for sale - hope I've stuck to all the rules! Please let me know if I haven't and need to amend anything.


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