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Hello friends,

Recently got myself an Rgsomethingsomething prestige 7 string.

I always set up my own guitars but am having a bit of trouble with this new one (its my first ever 7).

On my other 6 string RG i have action set at 1.5mm on low E and about the same on the High E with minimal buzz, this is with about 0.5mm or so neck relief measured at the 9th fret.

On this new guitar when trying to set it up, the guitar seems to buzz on pretty much every fret on all of the wound strings when i aim for similar action and relief.

Is it normal for 2 guitars to be totally different? Why would this new one be so buzzy? Its putting me off the 7 string idea a bit and its a real shame, im very precise and obsessive about my setups. Any advice i could get would be great.

Is it normal to have a slightly higher bass side action on a 7 string than a 6?

Thanks in advance fellas xx
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