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Guitar pick

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I just got a new camera for work, and I snapped this pic.
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Nice swirl, man. I take it that is an original DNA with a different neck. Nice.;)
sniperfrommars1 said:
The colors arent quite right for the dna look. Probably a custom
Yeah, your right. Now that I look more at it. Very pink too. ;)
Yeah, I noticed that too. No green. But still, I like it. It's pretty cool. What's the back look like?

Nice UV777GR by the way.;)
Popsyche said:
Here is a picture of his kid brother Colin holding the freshly dipped body in a parking lot of the GC in Villa Park, Illinois.
Wow. I like that. Very nice. ;)
Popsyche said:
Here's another pick of the JEM777(used to be)DY swirled. I should have it completed next week. Not a very high res pic, though... You can find some of it's brethren here.
Nice. The resolution could be better but nice otherwise. :)
1 - 8 of 26 Posts
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