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Guitar pick

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I just got a new camera for work, and I snapped this pic.
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As soon as I can figure out how to gert the files I want to put up there smaller, I have new pix of the above JEM. Can anybody help me with this?
Popsyche said:
Here's another pick of the JEM777(used to be)DY swirled. I should have it completed next week. Not a very high res pic, though... You can find some of it's brethren here.
Nice. The resolution could be better but nice otherwise. :)
OK, Let's see if this link works.


Here is the finished JEM777DY.
ah very nice! I'm not used to that kind of looking swirl, but once you get used to it , it's really nice!
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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