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Guitar Pics (Plectrums) Wanted?

Strange perhaps.. but I collect rare guitar pics..

Some I have are Vai, Satch, Fender, Marshall, SRV etc.

If you have any you may consider parting with please let me know.


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I'm sorry to say, only shipping it to Australia from Norway in a plain envelope would be more or less $5. I've also got a Vai triangle (and some other Vai picks), Ron Thal/Bumblefoot Guitars Suck, and a regular blue Steve Morse (very common I believe).

I'm not sure if I would want to sell them, but then again, I have no use for them... What would you be willing to give?

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I've got a few, but I don't think I'd sell 'em. I got them all in person at shows :)

-(5) Brian Setzer picks. All from different shows, all show-used.
-(4) Steve Vai picks, same as above.
-(5) Steve Vai picks, not used live though. Just tossed into the crowd
-(2) Tenacious D picks (one JB, one KG). Both used, etc.
-(1) Bonnie Raitt pick. Used.
-(1) Eric Clapton pick. Used.
-(1) Hootie and the Blowfish pick. Used. (Dont' ask...it was just a phase)

-(1) Skid Row pick from Dave Sabo. Not used - just handed to me.
-(1) Skid Row pick from Scotti Hill. Same.
-(1) Ted Nugent pick. Used.
-(1) Paul Stanley pick. Not used - just handed to me.
(the above (4) picks all came from the same show :) )

There are a few more, but I can't recall what they are. They're all in a picture frame. I had a red Dunlop Jazz III that I got from Eric Johnson when he did G3, but it's the same pick I use and for some reason I ended up using it. It's probably still in the jar of 100+ other Jazz IIIs that I keep at home.
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