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Guitar through a bass amp

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I have a small bass amp that I want to bring to school with me (residence) to play my guitar through, as my guitar amp is too big. Will I damage the amp in any way if I do this?
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I don't think the bass amp will be able to handle the immense treble of the high notes on the guitar as compared to a bass.
It'll be fine. Remember, the Fender Bassman is really a bass amp.
yeah it should be ok...a bass amp should be able to handle a guitar quite easy.
its fine. ive been useing a bass amp for gigs for about a year, no probelems yet!!!
all your effects will sound different, not worse, but different.
yeah you just wont have things like reverb and such but that was my first amp... a bass amp that is.
Running a guitar through a bass amp isn't a problem. Running a bass through a guitar amp...that could be a problem ;)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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