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Indie ES 335 Custom (Metallic Blue) - £300 ONO:

This is a Tom Delonge styled Indie. Sounds amazing, has
alot of sustain and is good for Metal, Jazz and Rock.
It has a suprising range. It has a slight scratch on
headstock but apart from that it is fine and does not effect the sound!
Indie sell these around the £650. Comes with a padded bag.

Ibanez RG1570 (Red) - £400 ONO:

Comes with original hard case with manual and tools. It has a few
marks but nothing major at all. Has a nice fast neck and plays like a dream.

Tokai Love Rock Korean (Quilted Cranberry Red) - £250 ONO:

This also comes with a gig bag. It has a few light scratches on the sides but
they are quite hard to see. Sounds amazing, it has Vinatge PAF Pickups. Quite
simular to the ones Gibson put in their Les Pauls.


I maybe able to arange postage but would prefer pick up.


Will post more pics soon.
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