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I had my frets replaced on my JS24P. The bassist in my band is a luthier and does some excellent work.




He told me the fret board it self was all over the place when it comes to how consistent the radius was. I had a stupid amount of relief in the neck to even play it.
It doesn't have the premium edge treatment anymore but damn if it doesn't feel like it does. It plays better now than it did when it was new!

I also had a custom neck made for my 540 Radius. When I got the neck in I had him check it over and finish the frets the way I like them. Again... his edge treatment is superb.




I also wound up buying a js100 with no pickups that needed a bit of TLC. The paint was uneven and had a lot of light scratches all over it. I wet sanded it, worked my way up to 2k grit and buffed it out. The frets were in excellent shape though. The radius is a 17" like a wizard but it has a chunkier neck. So I actually like it. I was worried I wouldn't. I wound up fitting floyd rose brand posts for the bridge and a gotoh branded trem system in. It plays just as good as the js24p and the radius does. I was shocked. I wound up putting a Mo Joe in the bridge and a PAF joe in the neck. Best sounding neck pickup I have in any of my guitars.




All in all I finally have 3 floating bridge guitars I love now! Pretty awesome

Here's a pic of my collection


Sorry about the links instead of embedding the pics. For some reason i just can't get them to work consistently on here.
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