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Hamer Diablo info?

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I've come into a Hamer Diablo that I've gotta sell but I know absolutely nothing about it except materials etc and I think the pickups are aftermarket but I dont know when Seymour Duncan starting putting the big logo on their pickups.

What I want to know is where this guitar sat in the line when it was out, and kinda value these carry now (if any :-S). Pots date it to 95.

Here are some pics:

Thanks anyone for anything!
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Hi, I got a '94 lefty USA Diablo for under $600, in 2009, in almost mint condition btw. I'm not a Hamer expert by any means but the Diablo was almost an entry level Hamer USA guitar.

I've never pulled the pickups to see which models they are but these are hot, the body wood is definitely alder.
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The USA diablos were made from '92-'96. Handmade - cost was around $800 new. The bodies were usually alder with a rosewood fretboard......mostly came with a JB, 59. Good guitars. Depending on condition, they go for around $350-$600. 600 being dead mint and perhaps with a case.
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