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i have a rg2620ze ibanez for years and i really love it.
but i really hate the inlays. please look up for the pictures of the guitar on the web so you will understand what im talking about.
i want the vine inlay
changing the neck is a problem because i didnt find on the web any original ibanez necks and i dont want to buy a cheap one...
stickers inlays is a problem too because it wont cover the inlays that i have and i think it will look like a big mess.
what can i do? thanks :)

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as said before you can buy another prestige and swap necks. That is the option that would offer the most quality result.

You could have the neck/inlays stained darker but they are obviously the same shape.

You could spend a significant amount of money, send the neck off and have a new fretboard installed(i have seen it done but can't recommend anyone)

You could send the neck in and have the inlays redone, but that is probably very expensive as well, as it would probably require a refret. (minimum $300 usd)

The cheapest and ultimately tackiest route is cover them with stickers.

I'd just find a comparable model, and sell yours to fund that. You can always trade out pickups to emgs on the new guitar.

rg8420 has the vine
rg8570 has the vine
jcrg20126 has the vine

There are other j customs out there that have a vine. Every now and then if you look long and hard enough you can snag a decent deal on one of the 8 series.

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