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I am the 2nd owner of this Ibanez Talman Inter City Acoustic/Electric that I gave a 2nd chance at life. I originally pulled it out of a garage of a friend. This friend had zero issues giving me the guitar for 2 reasons:

1. It was stringless, the electronics had been pushed into the hull of the body, and it was missing a tuning knob.... also,

2. His brother moved from Arizona to Texas with my Jackson reverse dinky-head electric (which I temporarily) lent him -- which he never gave back.

So to be honest, I have treated this guitar with much TLC as possible mainly because of the fact that I presume I am a better person than my friend's brother. :)

This Ibanez has been used as an acoustic and an electric (although mostly as an acoustic). It's 2nd life has been spent on a gig stand in my living and played religiously as a 'parlor guitar'. It currently has brand new set of D'Addario phosphor bronzes and new bridge pins. It has very light scuffing and only one chip in the back of the neck. (pic incl)

I'm trying to get $140 for it locally in the Phoenix area. The reason I'm selling is that I have been a 2nd rate "chord strummer" playing songs I like from online tab sites, but now wish to get serious and am currently taking very rigorous Flamenco lessons. This Talman, while being a great guitar, has a thin neck and a bluesy-rock sound that doesn't fit what I'm trying to do anymore.

$140 firm and any takers outside of the Phoenix area would need to pay shipping.

All electronics work perfectly, takes a 9V battery.
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