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Heated argument between my friend and I

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Hi all, im making a vote to see who agrees with me, and who with my friend

He is a experianced bassist and plays a Warwick corvette standard, high quality, well made bass with decent looking wood on it, good pickups, and the wood used in it is also exotic and good

I am a guitarist, and play a Floral Jem, http://community.webshots.com/user/thejemstore
self explanatory... its also a high quality guitar with good pickups and a quality neck/trem on it

He believes that the warwick simply looks better than the jem... I believe the opposite... he says that a natural finish is classier and nicer overall, I believe the floral jem is special looking and has a nice design in general, he thinks the design is queerish, fruity looking and pointlessly flashy as I believe the plain wood finish is boring and not as appealing as the jem...

we would like to know what a general public of musicians believe, if you think he is rite, and the floral jem is just flashy and ugly, say that, if you believe the jem has a nice design and is nicer overall, state that, NO JEM BIAS!!
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i dont care how warwicks look, they feel like TERRIBLE!
Grapefruits and watermellons ;-)

I like natural finishes though and would generally agree with your friend.
it's all preference. i like natural finishes, but i don't think a bass can ever be as beautiful as a floral jem(especially the 77fp with those green inlays), or even my 7vwh. but that's because i LOVE jems.
Nobody can be "right" or "wrong" when it comes to expressing opinions about personal preferences. It just comes down to personal taste. He likes what he likes, you like what you like. You're both "right".

My personal opinion is that JEMs are really gaudy. The only JEM i thought wasn't excessive and tasteless was the JEM7RB, and gee... it had a wood grain finish! But that's my opinion, and others are entitled to disagree.
yes... and you came to the jemsite to ask.... Why you didn't go to a warwick forum? ;)

However, the bass looks better IMO. No offence but I always thought Floral Jems are one of the ugliest guitars ever made.
NOBODY EVER SAYS BAD THINGS ABOUT THE FP. Gimme your friend's address and tell him to be afraid.
Wrong place to ask for the general publics view LOL!!!! (You're getting some honest answers though?)

Yes the FP is flashy and queery looking. But I love it and wish I had one. Some woodgrain guitars do it for me, but generally I like a slick solid finish, either neon, metallic, swirl or fabric. Just my OPINION.
Everybody is entitled to their own opinion of what looks better. I like natural finishes, and I like un-natural finishes as well. There is no "right" here. (Are you trying to stack the deck taking your survey at JEMsite???) Personally, I think JEMs look better than any bass ... although since you specifically picked the FP, I guess I would vote for the bass here. I always thought the FP was the ugliest JEM ever made. I don't know why I would want my guitar to look like granny's house dress. But to each his own.
Ordinarily I prefer natural finishes of almost any color/stain/wood over any painted guitar, but from the first time I've ever seen a Floral Jem I've always found them to be the most beautiful guitars I've every laid eyes on. And the wife just agreed to let me start saving for one finally =)
He believes that the warwick simply looks better than the jem... I believe the opposite..
You're both wrong. Which one "looks better" is not something which is an objective fact. It's a subjective fact. One "looks better" to you and one "looks better" to your friend.

Making an argument of the form, "you're wrong and I'm right because of X, Y, and Z" about something like this is just silly.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," and "there's no accounting for tastes" are both cliches for a reason.
Hey guys. As a reformed bassist, I prefer the jem. I love the look of the floral, and think the wood used in the Warick is just plain. I do however prefer wood finishes over painted. I have a see thru green on my EX1500, and it shows the grain nicely. Also, my Kramer bass is burl walnut and birdseye maple. On the other hand, my '87 Pro540R is the redburst, and is gorgous. OH MAN, now my brain hurts!
m0p said:
NOBODY EVER SAYS BAD THINGS ABOUT THE FP. Gimme your friend's address and tell him to be afraid.
haha, you guys, the way I see it, natural finishes (not flamed or colored) are plain compared to most print designed guitars... and now were comparing one of the nicest printed designs on an electric to a natural finish... if I was asking about like a plain black finish, maybe you could prefer the natural but the FP looks awsome...
... and the reason you're asking for our opinions is...

I'll reiterate that it's a matter opinion. Neither of you could possibly be right or wrong, you have to go by whay you like. If someone else likes it, great. If not, oh well.

The bigger issue is that by your own admission, you had a "heated argument" over the looks of a guitar. You really ought to give that some consideration, and remember that life's too short for stuff that trivial.
Nice guitar you have there! I dont care what your bassist says, the FP rules. It is one of my favorite Jems and I've always loved the looks of it. :)
call your friend a tard, then slap him all the way to the battle of 1066, he knows NOTHING
were not going for whos right and wrong, I just felt that a larger group of people would prefer the eye catching looks of the floral to something that we see everday in, furniture, nature, home depot and on the floors of millions of people houses... natural finishes are great, but they wont make me look twice like the floral will... (unless its some insane flame job) or if im just looking for and acoustic to buy... we just want to know whos opinion is the most commen... and we always fight over stupid stuff like this, its because, he got me to start years ago, and im practically on the same level as him now so its very competitive to see who will come out on top...
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