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I'm new to this site just joined the other day after purchasing my first (probably not last though) Ibanez guitar. I got an RG350DXZ, brand new for only £210 due to the fact that there is a big chunk of paint missing on the back, it was dropped but luckily didn't seem to sustain any other damage, just the chunk of paint that you can see in the pic. Halfway set up now but the intonation is still out, I will get that sorted when I put new strings on as the top E was missing when it arrived so I had to put a ten on there for now. Once i put a new set of 9s on I will possibly have to reset the trem I guess and will do the intonation. The only issue I have with it is the trem doesn't return to zero when it is level but I have already read about other people having the same problem with the edge zero 2 trem, apparently there is a design flaw in the zero bar brackets which just needs a small fix using a router bit. Not too bothered about that now for now though as the trem works perfectly as is, I just don't have the advantage of the zero design.The chunk of paint on the back doesn't bother me but i might patch it with some polyester resin filler at some point, any thoughs on fixing he zero point system or what to use to patch the missing resin/paintwork welcome. Also feeling rather chuffed that it fits pretty nicely in my old hardcase that used to be home to my cranky old Jackson ps1 dinky, which has seen better days. Please excuse the poor picture quality.


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