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Howdy all,
I joined the forum a short while ago and have just been reading threads for the most part, I saw that I need to post here before posting anywhere else (was attempting to contribute to an OT question regarding PC problems).
Anywho, I'll try to contribute/participate when I can :)
I played lots of guitar in middle and high school, went to college for classical saxophone performance and some minor study in percussion (and some drumline stuff), and now I work as an IT guy for a research institute. My main guitar for many years was a Fender Strat HM that I did my best to convert into a JS (changed pickups, trem and reshaped and painted it many times). Recently I picked up some cheaper guitars to mess around with, a JS100 with a 540R neck and Original Floyd bridge, Jem555 with Original Floyd bridge (also upgraded), a used Affinity Strat for $49 ;P, an S570DXQM that I got for half price brand new, and a Jem7 DBK that someone refinished and sold to me cheap(er) that I'm waiting for in the mail (hopefully it plays well). Not sure I'll keep all of them, but I want some time to get familiar with guitars again after a very long hiatus, and eventually I'll find what I really like and stick with it.
Outside of guitar playing and work, I have some fun on the side with SCCA autocross and rallycross. I have a black 2004 Subaru WRX sedan with some light upgrades and a tune that is my daily driver/autocross car. It's something to do in the summer when the weather is nice :D
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