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Help Choosing 1 of 3 prestige

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Dear Friends,

I need your help. Years back, I lost a collection of 13 Ibanez guitars to a house fire, in Detroit. Including an American Custom RG, and a 56er model.
All these years later, I'm still trying to get caught up with a new collection.

Currently I have a Korean RG w/Seymour Duncan Invader and a mod Floyd Rose Special, which I use in my Horror-punk band, the "B Movie Monsters. This was my first post fire purchase.

My second purchase was a Ibanez Prestige 35702 Candy apple red, Yellow Dimarzio Tone zone, Velvet and Air Norton, Titanium rod in the neck, and the Zero Trem. Ive come to love this guitar, and its the best Ive purchased since the Fire.

My third purchase was a mistake. I got a Premium from Indo, RG QMZ which looks greats, but I cant stand it. Its pickups are Dimarzio/IBZ and they are thin sounding. The Zero 2 Trem, is ultralight weight, and I cant stand it. The neck is fatter than the normal neck and less wide. It plays bad and I regret its purchase.

My fourth purchase is a Rg Z1 ZC, is also from Indo, but it plays substantially better. Includes Dimarzio Air Norton and Tone Zone, but the neck is still fatter than what I like. No Trem. Got it using gift certificates from Amazon lol.

Now its time for my fifth purchase, and I need your help deciding. Its between 3 Prestige. This has to last me for years.

I need heavy low end for Horror punk and Metal but most importantly I need the high end and mids defined for my main application, ie Shred.

Let me start by saying, I like the Tone Zone and Air Norton to a point. The Air Norton is my favorite neck pickup of all time. The Tone Zone is good for some things, but, I honestly want something thats higher output. I need a little extra oomf, for my legato, and I dont use any pedals or boost.
I also rub frets down a bit fast, due to playing 8 hours a day, and one option below has steel fret.

So here are my options:

The first guitar I looked at was,

Option 1:

RGR652AHBF RG Prestige -I love the withered black finish
Dimarzio Fusion Edge Pickups
Ash body
Normal Jumbo Frets
Edge Trem

But Im nervous about the pickups, as Dimarzio/IBZ pickups normally dont hold a candle to the real Dimarzio. So while I love the look, I dont want to get a guitar I have to change out the pickups.

Option 2:

Ibanez RG652AHM Prestige -basically the same guitar but 'nude finish and real Dimarzio.

Dimarzio Air Norton and Tone zone Pickups
Ash Body
Normal Jumbo Frets
Edge trem

Dont like the finish, but like the idea of Dimarzio over the Fusion

IBANEZ RG6UCS-MYF Mystic Night Metallic Flat
Bare Knuckle Aftermath pickups
Titanium Rod
Bass wood body
Stainless Steel Frets
Lo Pro Edge

This is a bit more financially, and I dont know anything about Bare Knuckle Pickups.
I also like the idea of Stainless steel frets due to how much I play and wear frets down.
Also like the Titanium rod. Have had lots of luck with it in my prestige, but I also have read alot suggesting it doesnt really make a difference.

So I would love any and all feedback, suggestions, feedback on stainless steel frets, Fusion pickups and Bare Knuckle pickups vs the Dimarzio Tone Zone and Nortons, or any other factors which could help me decide.

Thanks guys

Brian"Byond" Scanlon
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