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HELP!! Crybaby Multi-Wah 535Q

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Can someone please help me, my Crybaby 535Q has stopped working, when i press the button and activate the wah, u can hear that there is a change in tone, but when u rock your foot up and down, there is no wah, i dont know wat the hell is going on??? i opened it up to see if something inside (a wire or something) might have broke and everything seems fine, the only difference i notice is that there is no yellow fluid on that motor thing, there used to be yellow fluid, now it seems as tho it has faded. I dont think the batteries have anything to do with it cuz u can hear a change in tone which means its working, but when u rock ur foot it doesnt change. can any1 please help
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i've had a few of these. one thing you might want to check is that the cog hasn't come loose from the shaft of the pot. this has certainly happened to me before. it would cause the pedal to spin the cog but not the shaft.
you tried it with other batteries right? and that yellow stuff is just to help the wah move smoother, my wah sweaks now sometimes when i use it! but it goes after time, i tried putin stuff on it but doesnt work, happened to my friends bass wah b4, it wasnt abattery problem, but he had to get it send away to get repaired..... =/
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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