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Help figuring out My Ibanez Prestige please!

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I am new to the site... well, I haven't ever really posted since I registered.

First off let me say that I LOVE Ibanez guitars... while I have many other brands, when I look for a great guitar with a metal edge and locking trem.. it is always Ibanez. I used to have an RG550 and now I have a Prestige.

I can't identify it though... I know it is an S type guitar but I was wondering if anyone new any more info... I see for the RG guitars you have names like RG23345 etc. I think it is either a 2000 or 2001 model with mahogany body and bubinga top. I have attached a picture... Any help would be appreciated!



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Hi warthog! I think it is S1520FB or S1625FB, I am not sure which one.
Cool thanks! I think I have the S1520FB because looking at the S1625FB, the top is not the same and it seems as if it has the ZR Drop D trem...

I fell in love with the guitar when I played it... what is the benefit of a Prestige model?

The prestige models actually get more attention to detail so things like rounded frets and deglossed necks are now standard. If I recall, when Ibanez rolled out the Prestige stuff they said something about a 6 step process or something like that. Forgot what it is, but it's all good :mrgreen:
It is S1520, the older model with Lo pro Edge. New 162x have Zero bridge.
Thank you for your responses!!

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