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Help me find a 7 string...

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I'm over at UK studying and i left my 2077XL back at home. And am really looking for a good and useable 7 string here for practice. Any suggestions? Something not too pricey and something thats well worth its price. Thanks.
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Does it need to have a floyd? If not I'd look into any of Schecter's 7 strings or that one hardtail RG. If it does need to have a floyd...you may be out of luck as far as price..you could look into an RG 1527 on the bay or something.
If you just want a fixed bridge 7 string, then I'd go with either an RG7321 and maybe swap out the pickups when you feel like it or go the Schecter route.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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