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Sometime in the early 90's I bought a JEM 77RB from a sketchy pawn shop for $200...I thought it was a JEM 77PBK that someone sanded down and refinished in brown and put in pink Pups. Lack of Internet knowledge...Neither I nor the pawn shop knew what we had...

So I had it professionally repainted in DY, with a red Lions Claw, and a Purple star just above the Trem.

Then in 2004, I sold it on eBay, because I had opened up a business and gutted a lot of stuff...(I haven't forgiven myself since)...

My question is, does anyone know the guy it was sold to, or have any info on it? I figure with a medium like JEMSITE, I might be able to track it down, and rebuy it back...Or at least get some pictures of it, as I never had one. :sad:

I do realize this is a one in a million shot, but figured I'd take it...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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