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help me hook up my gear correctly

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I tried the net, but nothing I found satisfied my needs

After years and years of running my rack gear in a simple way (in - out - in out - in out), I think now is the time to hook it up the proper way. :)

can you guys help me ?

my rig:

Triaxis Preamp
Marshall 8008 Power amp
Compressor/Gate DBX 266
Alesis Quadraverb and POD XT (kidney) for FX
Boss Super Overdrive (for leads)
Morley Bad Horsie (wah)

All controlled by a Art X11 midi footswitch (except the wah)

I used to plug it this way: GTR > overdrive > wah > Preamp > Compressor/gate > FX > power amp, but I know the right way should be using the fx loop from the triaxis.

I have a few questions about hooking up and maybe you guys could help me out

1) My gate/compressor have 2 channels, I was thinking of using one channel for clean sounds and the other for dirty sounds - up to now I used only one channel, but since I use lots of gain on my main distorted sound, I set up the gate real tight, so when I switch to a clean sound it cuts off the hell out of the sound. So I'd like to use each channel in a different preset and call it through the midi pedalboard

2) Drive pedal - I like to call it via midi pedal board (I use an ac adapter so it can be "on" all the time) - so when i hit the solo preset it calls the drive also

3) FX - I usually let the POD XT for studying and rehearsals, that's why I have a quadraverb unit in the rig, but since the display is not working properly I'm really thinking of getting rid of it and only use the POD.

Maybe a little confusing - maybe I should call for mark snyder :-D

here's a pic - use your paintbrush skills to hook it up :-D

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Guitar -> OD -> Wah -> Preamp -> Power Amp -> ROCK!!!!!
that's what I've been doing for years :) but now I want to hook up the right way :)
wot effects r u using from the quadraverb and what are you using from the pod?

BTW u wanna put the wah before the OD.

Answer that above question then mabey i can help you.
thanks Kipperfetish :)

from the Quadraverb I mainly use reverbs, choruses and delays. But since I can't program it anymore (the lcd display died a couple of months ago and I won't pay 100 dollars for a new one :)), I just disconnected the midi cable and only use only one setting - just some reverb.

That's why I said that I was very inclined in removing the Quadraverb from the rack and only use the POD with the other gear (preamp/power/compressor/gate).

I'm not a guy who have hundreds of presets: distorted rhythm, lead, clean with chorus, clean with delay, lead with delay...and thats about it.

Since I use the POD for rehearsals, quick recordings and studying purposes I already have some patches on it, but they all have amps and cabinets simulations. But I can quickly program a few presets to replace the Quadraverb rack.

So it's basically delay, reverb and chorus. And I only have 1 cabinet (marshall 4x12 1960) :D

Thanks :D
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I think from this you are going to run into issues trying to use both channels of your comp/gate because it is not midi, unless you can sum the separate outputs to run mono back into the fx return of the triaxis. If you're bent on running a midi rack, then I would suggest dumping the fx unit, dump the comp/gate and pick up a single unit like the TC G major and call it a day. Save your pod for practicing and what not.

That said, here's what I would set up.

Guitar>Wah>OD pedal>triaxis

Triaxis fx send>quadraverb input
Quad output>comp/gate input
comp/gate output>triaxis fx return

triaxis output>poweramp>cabinet

Run all program shifts via midi...but again you won't have control over the comp/gate

If you got something like the TC gear, then you could set presets for all fx including compression and gating and have it selected by channel via midi and you'd be in there like swim wear. Other than that, I've told you more than I know.
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