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I'm sorry if this has been covered a lot before, but if it has it seems like it was quite a while ago..

ok, I have an RG2550Z from 2009, it has the Edge Zero trem.

when it came out the trem got a lot of stick for having the zero point system and it seemed everyone pretty much universally thought the original Edge was way better.

but I don't really understand why. now that the dust has presumably settled, I wondered if someone can fill me in on a few things:

Why do so many believe the older trems were better?
Is it because you can do flutter tricks on them? (although you can do this on the Zero by taking out the ZPS)
What is the difference between the Edge Zero and installing a Tremsetter in a normal floating unit?
Is there some inherent quality difference between the Edge Zero and original Edge?
Is it because people just like tradition?

I'm not trying to argue one way or the other, dig up old skeletons, or cause disagreements(!) I'm just seeking to understand out of general curiosity. It may inform a future purchase.

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