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OK... I wandered into a couple of Pawn shops yesterday afternoon and after seeing the usual piles of junk, I came across (actually my friend Scott noticed it) a Performance Guitar. After a minute or so of looking at it, I bought it. I can't find anything online about them. Here's the details: Bolt on Maple Neck with what seems to be a Pao Farro (sp?) fretboard, 22 medium Jumbo Frets. Body wood is unknown as of yet, but it feels and sounds like Alder. It has one Performance Humbucker Pickup in the bridge position. Pup made by Gotoh. 1 Volume control and a Kahler Pro in Brass. It plays and sounds amazing after a good Clean-up.

Neck is stamped August 23, 1985. So I/m guessing it's about 20 years old :)
Considering it's made in the USA I almost feel bad about the price I paid. :) Anyone have or know where I can get more info on this guitar?

Thanks in advance!

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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