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Hi guys!

Video tells more than many words:

Please add www on the link - I just registered and 5 posts is required to post links, and I chose rather not to spam 5 meaningless posts :)

I love this guitar. However, some time ago the tremolo got extra loose, it was after I had taken the bar out and put back again.

How to fix this problem? I can't find the 1502 model schematics, or any info on how the trem arm should be there. Have I accidentally dropped a washer of some sorts that I didn't see, and I need a replacement? Is there some kind of adjustment that can be made? I just know it's a lot more loose and "scratchier" than before, it kind of scratches when I turn it. Like there was sand there or something. Before it used to be nice and smooth + not much travel in the arm. Also, if the tremolo arm can be changed, recommendations for "travelless" models are appreciated.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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