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Help with Jem...

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My Jem when ever you hav it pluged into my marshall jcm 800 loud and with lots of gain it makes this Squealling sound not like feed back just uncontrollable noise.. How can i fix this ? and wat could be doing this..

Thanks Shep..
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Check your cable, connections, and maybe your contactors (pickup selector and pots).
it's not like lead nosie or crackly pots .it's real pick up squeal....
Assuming that its noisy while idle, how does it sound when you are playing? Does the noise overpower the tone when playing? What sort of pickups are they?
How old is the jem & the pickups? they may need to be re-waxed.

kennydoe said:
How old is the jem & the pickups? they may need to be re-waxed.

repot those bad boys.

Is it just that specific guitar? Have you tried other guitars into that amp? It could just be a microphonic preamp tube in the amp, try switching the preamp tubes around so a different one is in the first position. Much easier than repotting pickups.

Shep, does it happen on a particular pup selected or all 3?
ok ..well...It has Evo's in it....It doesn't do it with my gibson les paul...The guitar in about a year old..It happends on any pickup 1 to 5 just some more than other's or different sounds of the squeal ..if that makes any sence.... I have a Really old strat and it does it to under alot of gain it that helps...the way i set up my JCM is it has a DS-1 before the Preamp (which is on 10 ) and this is pluged into the High channel....also the amp is pretty much new ( its a reissue ) and it sounds more than amazing with my LP..it's just there is a large squealling sound when i hav my jem in
Shep, I think you have your gain up too far, and its simply feedback unless there is something very wrong in your wiring. Remember the Evo have some fearsome output, and that much gain, well there must be microphonic stuff happening. I use a Boss MT-2 with my Legacy for boosting gain. With the Legacy on about gain 6, I have to put the MT-2 on only about 8 o'clock, barely any distortion on the dial. Much higher and my Freds start to carry on as well. Try dropping your gain, and really listen to the tone, I think you will have plenty of gain, sustain and tone from your setup.
No i don't think it's the gain level...the ds-1 is set so it's more pushing that distorting.abit like you and your mt-2..yeah..thanks anyway...the squeal is alot like the feedback you get from act-pickup's....don't know wheather that helps.

Thanks all SHEP
I think its something to do with the pickup's ..?
Almost definitely microphonic pickups - repotting is the answer. DiMarzios used to have a pretty poor rep for squealing, but they seem to have cleaned up their act considerably since their early days - you are running fearsome gain there!
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