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Help needed I have a Ibanez S540 LTD (year of manufacturer 97)
that I have loved and still do for 12 years and it has performed admirably unfortunately it has lost most of it's volume and gain in positions 1 and 5, the bridge being affected worst of all.
I have looked for the obvious broken wire but all seems fine the tone pot was a little scratchy before, but now nothing really happens when you turn it.
My question is could a faulty capacitor cause this fault as it has one on each pot also this has happened just after I connected it to my sound card as a line in with lots of noise so I purchased a dedicated usb guitar cable and all seemed fine with amplitude 2, that is until the volume and gain as previously mentioned dropped off obviously something has gone high resistance within the circuit its just puzzling that positions 2,3 and 4 on the VLX91 5 way selector work volume wise, but gain(overdrive) seems to only work when the strings are played very hard thanks in advance hope I've made sense with my explanation it's just I'm gutted and feel like I've lost an arm or something please help feel like I'm in morning.

Regards chris
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