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Herc Fede Strikes Again

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Need I say any more, got this back just over a week ago after a bit of a wait, worth every second of the wait.

poser, lol

Hope you all enjoy, tell me what you think?
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Oh yeah, just incase yuou were wondering, this started out as an RG1570, all black and very boring. So Herc pimped it by: siwrling body and headstock, red vine inlay and clear pick guard.
I thought he was going to do the whole vine red but i'm glad it does have the white bit because it looks better than it would have other wise.
I Like it...then again I am a swirl fanatic.lol
It looks great. Congrats! I agree with you on the vine...it brings out the white in the swirl.

I really love the swirl but I think the red tree of life inlay doesn't go good with the rosewood, the inlay would look cool with a maple board but I don't know how that would match the body. Still, cool guitar.
I'm not too big on swirls but thats F'n sweet.
Really nice! Herc does very good swirls! I've got one myself, so I'm slightly biased... :D Congrats! Cool!
Very, very nice !!

How much did it set you back?
It looks great, enjoy it! Is Herc better now, then?
It looks very good. I would ve gone with pyramid inalys, but it still looks great.

IF (and i stress if) i was going to criticise it, and this is just me being incredibly picky, it's a shame that the truss rod cover holes weren't filled before it was swirled. and the "ibanez prestige" logo looks a little funny surrounded by black.

overall, one of the most striking swirls i've laid eyes on. kudos on using a recent high end model, too.
So how much is "a bit" of a wait? Is Herc taking on new business again, or is he still just working on clearing his backlog of work before shutting down completely?
That's a very nice swirl man congrats!

I like the combination of reds and blacks, but I feel that the vine would stand out more on a maple board. Also...she needs a monkey grip!
Dang thats mighty fine. Kinda reminescent of the Diablo one he did a few years ago but even cooler with the vine vs. the PBK standard inlays (if memory serves) on Diablo.

Many Congrats,

That's one of the greatest swirls i've ever seen, my favourite colour combination.

Do you mind me asking how much it cost and how long it took for the work to be carried out?

Thanks! :D
sanitarium said:
Need I say any more, got this back just over a week ago after a bit of a wait, worth every second of the wait.

poser, lol

Hope you all enjoy, tell me what you think?
Absolutely gorgeous. The best colored swirl I've ever yet to see.
I love how the white pickups and knobs which im huge fan of stand right out. I love the red vine and the swirl is perfect.
The colors are great.
I've seen another swirl just like it somewhere here a while ago and it was a PBK. That, my friend is just sweet as sweet can be. Nice. ;)
That's an awesome looking guitar... great vibrant swirl... good work
I love the white on the vine- definately works. What great work!
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