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Hey guys, new to forum

I just purchased my first hollow body, an AS83-VLS-12-01 and I'm trying to track down some tech specs on it.

I have searched he serial number and found out it was made in the Samick factory in Korea in 2005, but the sticker inside says made in china?
I don't seem to be able to find much more info than that.

Can anybody help me decode the model number, also after PUP info and any other bits that may be of interest to me.

Must say I'm pretty happy with it considering its age, not a mark on her apart from some dings in the binding, I will need to replace the tuners as they feel tight and coarse to use (recommendations on tuners that would be a straight swap with no re-drilling would be appreciated) and maybe freshen up the electronics.

I've done a search on here but not much info specific to my model, apologies if I've posted in the wrong area too.

Thanks in advance

Not sure why it keeps rotating the pic???



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