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Dear JemSite Friends,

I write to provide the highest possible recommendation to two amazing fellas in Italy named Michele Migi (first name pronounced "Mikh-ele") and Fabio Gobbi. I was performing in Italy and they offered to work on my original issue JEM 77FP. This guitar has seen a lot of play, road time, flights, and wear and tear. As of late, it had started to feel a bit jankety, like the wheels were going to come off. Migi and Fabio took it and made it feel absolutely like new. I cannot recommend them enough for any Ibanez customizations especially work on older JEMs and RGs. They are passionate about the '87 era of the brand and will do a tremendous job. They have skills plus passion.

Check them out:

Ibanez 87
Michele Migi [email protected]
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