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Homemade swirl attempt-first project

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Heres some pictures of one I just did. Its still dryin from the clearcoat, and its got a couple of hacks on it. Its my first, but the next one I do should come out pretty sweet. I have another rg570 body, and will be doing a yellow, purple, and white swirl. These im makin for myself, just because I like the effect. The paint job almost looks identical to marble in some spots. It took me about a month to get down. Its alot of work if you want to try it for yourself, thats why there expensive to get done as I have discovered. I will post the next one in about 2 weeks.

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cool, not fussed on the colour choices, but the effect looks pretty nailed.
i like the the upper left and lower right sections of the swirl, where the colors seem to come together real smooth.
vette6600 said:
i like the the upper left and lower right sections of the swirl, where the colors seem to come together real smooth.
that looks awesome !!
I don't like the colors at all and wouldn't want to look at it after a heavy night of drinking, BUT the swirl pattern looks very cool , very cool indeed.
+2 on the "upper horn, lower right section" comments. That caught my eye right away. Please share pics of your 2nd swirl project once completed.
The colors came out pretty dark. The paints I used were older and didnt have much vibrance in them. Its weird, because the green splat in the left, is the same green I used in the outer 2 rings. The easiest effect to get were the rings, but I was trying to make a complicated pattern.

I just bought some neon paint and tried a couple pieces of wood last night and it looks alot brighter, but the stuff dries really quick. Does anyone know where to get good paint at? I cant find a good selection of colors anywhere, not even online. It has to be oil-based and not too thick. I tried some really cool acrylics I found, but the junk is really thick and hard to thin out without it getting all chunky.

I tottaly screwed up on the final coat this morning, I placed the body face down on a plastic bag while I sprayed the back. Unknowingly, the face was still a little soft and grabed the pattern of wrinkles off the bag. And to top things off, ink off the bag stuck also. A total fukk mess now. And theres a bunch damn cat hair embedded too- due to my roomates three cats that are runnin mad up in this bitch. Oh well, time to drink.
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I like the colors. SOrry to hear it got messed up. Defenitely a good drinking excuse- bottoms up!
this makes me want to learn even more how to do this.
I feel your pain brother. I am doing a material finish and I have had some comic moments with mine.

It is my firsy refinish ever. Why did I pick a hard one. If it wasn't for projectguitar.com, I would have binned it by now.

Hang in there.

PS Try drinking whilst guitar building. I find it gives the experience extra thrills!
I'm not a huge fan of the swirls, but from what I've seen thats pretty damn good for a first attempt. About the plastic bag/cat hair thing, try lightly wetsanding it out, well after its dry though. good luck
Thanks brothersnowgone. I will try that once its dry, Im going to leave it alone until the weekend. I have some micromesh sanding paper that Ill try. Stuff goes up to 12,000 grit, so I should be able to save this project with some time put into cleaning it up.
I would hang your body for clear coating rather then laying it down. Even better if you can make something tha will slowly rotate your body when sprying.
Hey jemuniverse777, interesting pattern you ended up with. Looks like some of the colours got a bit too mixed where the brown patches are. Try not to over-swirl or complicate the patterns too much. I have been experimenting with Plasti-Kote Odd's n Ends enamel paint, the ones that come in the little 55ml pots. Some are ok, some are not since they hold too much water and bubbles or run all over the place. And tried some automotive metallic urethanes, but they seemed to run too much and go a bit gloopy. I have thus far only experimented on bits of wood, not dared to use a whole guitar body yet. Good luck with your experiments and post more pics soon man.
Hope you get the finish sorted mate - the first swirl I got right, I sprayed the clear coat to find that it didn't like the swirl paint, and it stripped it right off - I was not happy! Sounds like you ought to be able to sand out the problems with yours though - good luck with it.
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