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Horrible Fret Rattle!

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I recently started to restore an old RG750 that was slightly damaged when the guitar was stored in a damp place. The case kinda rotted away a little and my old axe got rusted up pretty bad. Anyway, it's almost back to normal now, quite nicely playable, pickups replaced with some green PAF Pro's I found on *the site we're not allowed to mention*, the neck is still straight (amazing how these things hold up so well), but there's some evil fret rattle down the bottom of the board (headstock end), and I can't seem to cure it.

Should I shim the neck? If so, which siide -- body or neck side? There was a shim originally, but I forget where it was placed in the neck socket.Thanks for any help.
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I don't see any way a neck shim could help your problem. Possibly a nut shim, but only if it's necessary. Check out the frets in that area. They may have become loose or lifted from the dampness. A good setup should fix it.
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