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Hot Rodded Gibson Les Paul!!!!

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I have a 1998 LP Special Ed that I bought new back in 98. Ive made many many mods to it, such as...
81-85 EMGs and EMG afterburner in the neck tone pot grover locking tuners a grover/hipshot d tuner, tone pros bridge and tailpiece. sanded neck and body and tung oiled for amazing smoothness and fast play. complete refret to dunlop 6100 frets they were just leveled out and it was just set up. It is also wired up to run 2 9 volts for extra head room. It also has straplocks and a groove tubes fat finger on the headstock.
It comes with a hard case that has a lock that hasnt been used yet.
It doesnt have a toggles switch cap but Im going to get one tomarrow.

I dont play it so much lately, It is awesome but I always am playing my Ernie Ball John Petrucci guitar and Im getting a custom Carvin. I also am moving in the next several months so Id like to clear out some of my stuff.

I bought the guitar for close to $1000 on a massive guitar center sale and Ive put TONS of $$$$ into the mods.

Here are some pics of the guitar and the case that comes with it.


Like I mentioned before I put alot into it, Id like in the $800 range for it. I am more than willing to do a trade for somthing.
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