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how about this combo Breed(N),HS-3(M),ToneZone(B)put in my RG570EX?

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My RG is Basswood body , Rosewood flat .
never seen in any posts , does anyone had experienced with that combo ?
What does it sound like ?
Is it good for soloing ?

Any advice is much appreciated.

Thanks a million :)
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I am guessing, but I think that should be a good combination. I was seriously considering those pickups for one of my guitars. Try it and see.
sorry i read it wrong, it should be a good combo

i though you were putting a breed in the bridge and a tone zone in the neck but i didn't read it right
Thank you everybody :)
I am thinking that replace the Breed neck to the Paf Joe.
^^ The Tone Zone / PAF Pro combination is great. A PAF Joe should sound great too, and I imagine a Breed would work nicely as well!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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