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How do I replace mounted Pickups

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I have a RG8527z where the pick ups are mounted on top, however I can't seem to get acces to the wires from the back. Do I remove Edge Zero from the back of the guitar to get access? I can't find a video or anything online or on the ibanez website to do this.

I'm looking at removing the PAF7's for liquifire/crunchlab combo.
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You have to take the back cover plate off to gain access to the wiring. Once you have desoldered the pups, you have to unscrew the pickup mounting screws from the pickup tabs.
I have taken off the back cover plate but can't seen anything past the edge zero trem springs.... How would i take it out to get access to the wires in the back ?

thanks in advance
It's not under the trem cavity cover--it's under the control cavity cover.
Take a good lok at this:
Se that curved plate with 4 screws? Take it off--that's where your wiring is.
oh crap that makes sense

i thought that only had access to the pots.

THanks for the help
...and the switch! Where exactly did you think the pup wires got connected?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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